Minderoo is proudly Australian based but brings a global perspective to all endeavours, whether philanthropic or commercial. Our logo draws on the colours of the Australian landscape. We take our name from Minderoo Station, where Andrew Forrest grew up in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. It has been a part of the Forrest family for generations. Minderoo is an Aboriginal word meaning permanent and clean water.

Andrew and Nicola Forrest lead Minderoo across a range of philanthropic and commercial endeavours. We share eight common values across our initiatives:

Family, Courage, Humility, Frugality, Empowerment, Enthusiasm, Determination and Innovation.

The Minderoo Foundation was established by Andrew and Nicola Forrest in 2001 based on the mandate to give a hand up, not a hand out. The Foundation has supported over 250 initiatives across Australia and abroad including projects in education, research, Indigenous affairs, disaster response and the arts. With over AU$645 million invested and committed philanthropically to date, the focus going forward has evolved and includes a  partnership approach as well as the design and direct implementation of key initiatives. These include: driving collaboration and change in global cancer research, ending modern slavery, creating parity for Indigenous Australians, ensuring all children in Australia reach their full potential, nurturing new talents in the arts, generating world changing research and innovation in Western Australia and innovative community development and environmental conservation initiatives.

The Minderoo Group encompasses the commercial activities of Andrew and Nicola Forrest. The Group pursues innovative opportunities, with a particular focus on forward looking investments. In addition to a 33% shareholding in the publicly listed company Andrew founded, Fortescue Metals Group, the Group holds a number of pastoral leases, property investments, Harvey Beef and a suite of mineral exploration projects.

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