Perth Symphony Orchestra
Photo Credit: Perth Symphony Orchestra.

Connected, collaborative
and creative communities

We believe everyone should have access to Western Australia’s thriving arts community. We would love to see WA become a world-renowed hub for creative talent.
Photo: Jon Green


What we do

Our Building Community initiative seeks to empower people to identify their own solutions and drive sustainable social change. Working across our arts, culture, community and environment portfolios, we develop partnerships with organisations that aren’t afraid to try new things. Since Minderoo was established, we’ve supported over 280 partners in Australia and internationally.

Communities ultimately know what works best for them. And – let’s be frank – it’s hard to change the world on your own. So, we work with innovative community partners to create the greatest impact and ultimately contribute to a better world.

Our partnerships reach across the globe, but our priority has always been to serve the community in our home state of Western Australia. We work with organisations, networks and institutions to sustainably meet the needs of their community. We build on existing relationships and provide enduring support while also exploring new solutions.

Through supportive collaboration we help our partners, such as STRUT Dance, to achieve their goals.
Photo Simon Pynt.


How we do it

Minderoo’s partnerships are direct and proactive. We use an evidence-based approach to identify the unique role Minderoo can play. We apply rigorous due diligence to all opportunities, co-develop ambitious targets and look for solutions that haven’t previously been considered.

Minderoo co-creates partnerships, rather than simply providing grants. Our partnerships are strategically identified so we don’t run annual rounds or accept unsolicited requests for funding.

We look for collaborative, strategic partners that deliver measurable outcomes and share learnings. We believe this collective approach results in the greatest impact.

Our goal

Identify and grow ground-breaking partnerships that contribute to resilient, cohesive and creative communities.