Building Community03 Jun 2019

“Minderoo” the sea turtle saved by local community

Sick turtle transported from Port Hedland to Exmouth to receive emergency care at the Ningaloo Turtle Rehabilitation Centre.


The Pilbara community rallied to save “Minderoo” the turtle when she was discovered floating listlessly in the Port Headland port this week. Unable to dive to feed on sea grasses, the little green sea turtle was in dire straits and needed emergency care to survive.

Local authorities, businesses and the general public put out the call for transport on social media and a selfless community member volunteered to drive ‘Minderoo’ from Port Hedland to Karratha. From there a freight company transported the sick creature to Exmouth, bringing her turtle-odometer to an impressive 780kms.

Upon arrival at the Ningaloo Turtle Rehabilitation Centre, the new patient was christened “Minderoo” and was immediately administered antibiotics, de-worming tablets, painkillers, multivitamins and an electrolyte solution via a drip. The courageous creature is now said to be doing much better.

The Centre recently received a donation from the Minderoo Foundation to help support its conservation initiatives.

Turtles may be found floating as a result of plastic ingestion or disease. The green sea turtle is protected in Australian waters under state, Commonwealth and international legislation. It is listed as vulnerable under WA legislation and its international status is endangered.

Minderoo Foundation’s Flourishing Oceans initiative aims to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans through technological innovation and policy change.

Judy Walls
by Judy Walls
Judy Walls is Minderoo’s Portfolio Manager – Community & Environment. Judy has extensive experience in the not for profit sector in Australia, Africa, and the Pacific, especially in community and institutional development, gender equality, HIV&AIDS, humanitarian response, and climate change resilience. Judy holds a Masters in Ecologically Sustainable Development from Murdoch University.
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