Flourishing Oceans30 Apr 2019

Andrew Forrest: “We have to change the fundamental economic structure of plastic”

Minderoo’s highlight video of chairman Andrew Forrest speaking on the keynote panel for corporate impact at the World Ocean Summit.

Andrew Forrest at the World Ocean Summit Photo Credit: The Economist.

Minderoo Foundation Chairman Andrew Forrest spoke at the World Ocean Summit in Abu Dhabi last month. Mr Forrest took part in a panel discussion about corporate impact on the oceans with John A.Hayes, chief executive of Ball Corp and Frank Mars, board member for Mars Incorporated.

The panel was presented by The Economist magazine and facilitated by its editor-in-chief Zanny Minton Beddoes. Here’s a highlight reel of what Mr Forrest had to say about the future of our oceans and what we can do to ensure plastic is recycled and reused.

Ella Phelan-Burnett
by Ella Phelan-Burnett
Ella Phelan-Burnett works as the Social Media Coordinator for Minderoo. Ella’s passion is telling stories through video and content creation. Ella holds a Bachelor of Communications majoring in Journalism and Broadcasting, and has most recently completed her Diploma in Broadcasting at ECU.
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