Proudly a sixth generation

Western Australian farming family

Harvest Road is a global food corporation based on Australia’s ability to supply sustainable, high quality and ethically grown agricultural produce. We believe Australia is a critical link in the global food supply chain and we have gained trust and recognition across international markets. We have established global export links across agricultural products. Ethical supply chains and support for sustainable farming communities are the cornerstones of our agricultural investment philosophy.

Since 1919, Harvey Beef has delivered the finest beef from pristine Western Australian pastures to our customers. Proudly owned by a sixth generation Western Australian farming family, Harvey Beef shares the same love for the land and respect for nature as the families supplying our cattle. Only the highest quality beef is chosen to represent Harvey Beef and Western Australia to markets across the globe.

Australia Sino One Hundred Year Agricultural and Food Safety Partnership

The ASA100 developed out of a meeting between Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Andrew Forrest with the aim of promoting, developing and advancing international trade in Australian agriculture and manufactured food products, with a particular focus on China.

Membership of the ASA100 is open to leading food and agribusiness organisations with a strong history of food safety and a commitment to the Australian community and workforce. Industry bodies and government entities can also apply for associate membership, which will allow for regular information updates but not voting rights.

From the rich and isolated outback of Australia, breath-taking in its scenic beauty and peaceful in its seclusion, comes the most naturally mineralised beef in the world. It’s from this wild and beautiful land – hardly seen by people due to its isolation – that the Minderoo cattle are nurtured.

Minderoo expertly breeds and selects its cattle, but the extreme rareness and mineral rich flavour lies in the pasture lands where the cattle thrive on the iron and mineral enriched soils and the fresh river waters of outback Australia.

Minderoo station is located on the Ashburton River near Onslow in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The mineral rich land, with perennial pastures, supports a large herd of red cattle that have been specifically bred for the environment. Water management and farming technologies are used to produce sufficient fodder to feed the herds.

Minderoo station dates back to 1878 when it was first established by the Forrest family. The name of the station is an Aboriginal word meaning permanent and clean water and it is used across all philanthropic and commercial endeavours.

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