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Indigenous Start-Up Bootcamp

We want to expose Indigenous start-ups to the skills and tools required to grow their businesses.

What’s involved

Our weekend-long bootcamp provides Indigenous start-ups with exposure to the skills and tools required to supercharge their businesses. Designed to ignite a passion for entrepreneurship, our camp partners early-stage Indigenous start-ups with skilled Indigenous mentors to elevate their thinking. We also seed fund and partner to support participants post-event.

Our process

We invite Indigenous start-ups to attend a 54-hour weekend bootcamp where participants are guided through a structured skill-building, mentoring and educational process. Indigenous mentors help participant groups to refine, validate, prototype and pitch their work to venture capital investors. Our partners work with eligible teams post-event to accelerate growth.

What motivates us

Indigenous procurement policies are increasing market demand for Indigenous businesses. To help meet this demand, our bootcamp exposes Indigenous start-ups to the skills and tools required for growth. We are passionate about helping Indigenous businesses leverage the fourth industrial revolution’s opportunities. Economic development is crucial to creating parity.

Thinking long-term

Ultimately we’re aiming to run an annual weekend-long bootcamp with 20 to 30 Indigenous businesses.

We aiming to invite three to five representatives from each business and we’ll partner each team with two mentors to help teams pitch their growth strategy. After the weekend teams may be eligible for seed-funding prizes.

Bootcamp application

This year, our annual bootcamp is scheduled to be held in May in Sydney.

From April, we will be inviting Indigenous businesses to register their interest in attending by completing a form or uploading a short four-minute video.

Contact us for more information.

Project members

Shelley Cable
Chief Executive Officer, Generation One