Eliminate Cancer Initiative

The Eliminate Cancer Initiative (ECI) is a ground-breaking global initiative to eliminate cancer as lethal disease for the next generation. Through leadership, influence and resources, the ECI aims to catalyse a global movement of collaboration across diverse sectors, from patients and doctors, to governments, academia and industry.

The ECI will engage the world’s premier cancer centres and research institutions, care delivery organisations, governments, businesses and philanthropists to work together around this common goal.

The ECI is poised to make a difference at a time when major advances in cancer knowledge and disruptive technologies have positioned our generation to make a decisive assault on the cancer challenge.

The key to the ECI is global collaboration. The initiative will orchestrate an unprecedented and historic collaboration of researchers, oncologists, institutions, decision-makers and patients. It will include, among other programs, increased focus on cancer prevention and detection, greater patient access to clinical trials and a legal and policy assault on tobacco.

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